Turning a new leaf

I have tried blogging twice in the past.  The first attempt was fairly successful, the second… not so much.  Many of my friends and some of my family members are great bloggers and dutifully make their rounds to various friends’ postings in the cyber world.  I’ve found that graduate school and Church responsibilities like to hog my time, so I don’t get to read as many as I would like, not to mention not being able to read “just for fun.”  60% of my day is spent reading and the other 40% is spent sitting in front of my trusty laptop researching and writing.  So blogging and blog-reading has never been one of my strong suits.

But the next year feels like it’s going to be different.  How can it not be?  2 months at the University of Florida learning Wolof and 10 months in Dakar, Senegal working with child trafficking victims is bound to be life-changing.  And I have a feeling that I will want it chronicled for family, loved ones, and myself.

So I hope that the first year of posts will share my observations, struggles, success stories, and insights to my personal feelings surrounding these future events, and hopefully, they will provide a strong connection between myself and those I love as we are separated by the vast expanse of oceans, countries, cultures, and time.  I hope that this blog spotlights the lives of the individuals in Africa who will cross my path and enrich my life.  I pray that I can do the same for them.  But most of all, I hope that this site celebrates the gifts that God has given me, notably faith, the ability to learn, a beautiful life, and the opportunity to connect with and cherish relationships with His children in various places around the globe.


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