Fish Teeth

Yes, you read that right.  Fish teeth.

People say that there’s a first time for everything.  I’m learning that living in Africa provides many opportunities to check off a list of “firsts.”  And this past Tuesday I ate a carnivorous fish.  You see, my landlady cooks meals for me, and she often gives me a taste of Senegal’s limited (yet varied) dishes.  Usually my dinner is already in my room by the time I get home from work, but Tuesday I didn’t have anywhere to go so I was around when she brought the meal up.  It smelled delicious – grilled fish is always good – but I was quite surprised when I saw not only six whole fish staring up at me from the plate, but all of them had a mouthful of dozens of sharp teeth.

I have no idea what kind of fish they were – I was kind of concerned about the prospect of eating a piranha – but they were excellent.  And no, I did not eat the heads or the eyes.


One thought on “Fish Teeth

  1. You missed an opportunity to try fish head and had you visited me more in Madison you would have be prepared to eat fish head. Arrrrghhhh what a waste.

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