Huge Bruises and Nasty Tan Lines

Yep, that’s what I’ve got.  Huge bruises and nasty tan lines.  The bruise is from my run-in with the motorcycle, and the tan lines are a natural consequence of spending a lot of time under the relentless Senegalese sun.

Here’s my bruise – the other side looks pretty similar, but since it was very difficult – and painful – to try and get a good shot of it, I decided that the one-sided view would suffice.

As you can see, it really wasn’t not that bad.  This is about a week after the accident.  For those of you who don’t know, I was hit by a motorcycle as I was crossing the street.  The motorcyclist was going about 25 mph and came out of no where.  He hit me just as I was stepping onto the opposite curb.  I took the full impact on the inside of my left leg, but since the force of the hit and the fall yanked my sandal half-way off my right foot, I lost quite a bit of skin from the right foot and ankle.  I decided not to take a picture of that.  It’s kind of yucky.  Amazingly, nothing was broken, I didn’t hit my head or knock out my teeth, so I was definitely blessed and protected.  At the time of this picture, the swelling had gone down a bit, and that permitted me to see that the bruising actually goes around the entire circumference of my ankle and lower leg.  Now the bruising is mostly gone and the swelling has limited itself to a knot about the size of my fist – located at the site of impact – and the area around both malleoli (aka ankle bones).  Today, October 13, was the first day that I was able to walk without pain.

And the tan lines, the tan lines.  They’re really sad.  And pathetic.  They’re humiliating enough that I don’t want to document them for posterity.  Considering the fact that I wear capris and walking shoes everywhere (I do TONS of walking here), there’s little room for imagination of what the tan lines on my legs look like.  Add a lovely bruise and some slightly deformative swelling, and you’ll get the picture.  Then add varied degrees of tans around my neckline (which changes from day to day).  And a lovely, stark watch line.  There you have it.  Me.  In Senegal.  Looking my best. 🙂


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