The Piano Guys

So here’s an unsolicited and totally unabashed plug for The Piano Guys and their new CD. The following songs were the only things that kept me sane during my final paper writing marathon.

A Thousand Years

Arwen’s Vigil

Code Name Vivaldi

If you have time, check out their YouTube channel – you won’t be disappointed!  Their music has also given rebirth to my desire to learn to play the cello.  But alas, that won’t be happening anytime soon… I mean I can’t find enough hours in the day to do all of my homework and get enough sleep, so how in the world would I find time to take cello lessons?  Although I have to admit to having surfed the internet on more than one occasion to see how much cellos cost…  And heads-up to the Mayberries: I found some really awesome – and high quality – drum sets for kids that are totally affordable.  Amber will buy the oompaloompas, and I will give your children art and drum lessons.  You’ve been forewarned…


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