Obama in Senegal

So as most of you know, the President was in Senegal this week.  And it was nuts.  Those of you who know me well also know that I am not, nor will I ever be, an Obama fan.  But this was just too good to pass up.

The Jones’ attended the meet & greet that was held at his hotel, and the little kids and some adults got to shake his hand.  The adults were mostly Senegalese employees who pushed, shoved, elbowed, and totally crushed everyone else in line… it was really a really unfortunate display of behavior.  He also decided to pose with the little kids.

In one of the moments not to turn all shy, the normally extremely gregarious Cecilia wouldn’t even look at him, let alone acknowledge him or shake his hand.  So when he sat down next to her, she scooted around and hid behind him.  Despite being prodded by some of the adults she knew who were around her, she wouldn’t stand up or even be seen in the picture.  All you can see is a teeny tiny bit of her blond hair sticking up behind the left side of his neck.  Tristan and Mariah were just fine (Mariah is directly to his right).

Tonight at dinner Darla was telling the story again and so I turned to Cecilia and asked, “Do you know who that man was?”

“The President.”

“The president of what?”

Without hesitation she replied, “Senegal!”


Obama in Senegal

Obama in Senegal


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